Gynaecology 2023
Madara S B Ralapanawe

University of Birmingham, UK

The conference was great and well organised. All the organising committee members were very supportive and helpful. I greatly appreciate it for giving me an opportunity to present my abstract. There was very valuable knowledge from the other abstract too.

Gynaecology 2023
Zakia Afroze

Cox’s Bazar Medical College, Bangladesh

There was a nice gathering of researchers from different countries of the world. We shared our knowledge. We learned a lot. Thank you all concerned for arranging such a conference.

Gynaecology 2023
Aditi Sawant

Bharti Multispecialty Hospital, India

The conference was beautifully arranged and also the speakers are the eminent doctors from all over the world. So, it was a beautiful experience, got to learn a lot, and it was very nicely conducted.

Gynaecology 2023
Ali Mehrafshar

Zhejiang University, China

The Gynaecology 2023 conference was awesome and I learned a lot here and I hope I can come to the next series of gynecology conference happening in Bangkok, Thailand.

Gynaecology 2023
Lalit Bora

Sivasagar Medical Centre, India

It was amazing to be here with the people of the Gynaecology 2023 organized by Scientex Conferences. I really enjoyed all the subjects that they have put it, and I wish all the best for the future also.

Gynaecology 2023
Hana ALSumri

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

I was delighted to take part in the first scientific conference. We had a nice platform where we have exchanged information with a big group of expertise from all over the world. Thank you again for this opportunity and wishing you all the best.