Kulvinder Kaur

Kulvinder Kaur

Kulvinder Kaur Centre for Human Reproduction, India


Kulvinder Kaur is the scientific director of Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Centre For Human Reproduction, Jalandhar, Punjab, India, where she manages the complicated cases of infertility.She graduated from LHMC Delhi in 1980 topping in medicine in all 3 medical colleges thereby getting the DR Devi Chand Gold medal from the late PM Smt Indira Gandhi & also topped in all the MBBS subjects prior to that eg anatomy, pathology, biochemetc making her basic sound &later she managed the endocrine clinic in PGI Chandigarh during her MD days. Following that she reported the 40th world  case  hydrometrocolpos working in Saudi Arabia &has been working in the field of neuroendocrinology of obesity. GnRH control along with role of kisspeptins, prokineticins in human reproduction, AIDS &Cancer-during this period she managed to successfully treat the first case of non gestational chorio carcinoma of uterine body in a young girl medically thereby preserving her fertility-the first case in world literature of its kind.

Research Interest

Obstetrics & gynecology (Reproductive neuroendocrinology & Infertility specialist)